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Trips & Rates

Rates for Regular Guided Trips

1 angler @ 8-1/2 hours

special arrangement

2 anglers @ 8-1/2 hours


3 anglers @ 8-1/2 hours


4 angler @ 8-1/2 hours


Special "Mentor" Trips

1 angler @ 8-1/2 hours


2 angler @ 8-1/2 hours


Mentor trips are special one-on-one, practical, hands-on trips designed to teach you how to use down riggers, lures, tackle setups, tactics, best fishing areas, and sonar.

Mentor trips are designed to effectively improve the Striper fishing skill sets of beginners through experienced anglers.

- All trips are Catch-and-Release only
- No alcohol allowed on board

Trip Options

San Luis Reservoir is considered one of the most challenging lakes in California to guide, mainly due to wind, its size, and fluctuating water levels.


These factors make it hard to schedule trips where conditions are favorable for good fishing but they are also the reasons the stripers thrive in the huge irrigation reservoir that can hold up to 2 million acre-feet of water. Five World Records have been set at San Luis over the years, causing it to be ranked nationally as a top trophy striper destination.

I usually only guide about 2 to 3 days a week, because it usually takes more time, planning, cost, experience and work to successfully catch fish here than at any other lake in the state.


Picking the most favorable fishing windows, and using specialized techniques to give my guests the best chance of catching a trophy has taken a couple of decades of dedication and experience chasing big stripers as my passion.


I’m very different from most other guides in that my main focus has been on San Luis Reservoir where I’ve spent nearly 50 weeks a year for the last 9 years guiding, learning, and perfecting my skills. Staying on the fish all year takes work,but it’s paid off. 

Join me on a special fishing trip this season, and find out why we caught and released over 30 trophy stripers that exceeded  20lbs (electronic scales!) last year, with two over 40lbs in the mix.


View some of the new Personal Bests (PBs)   our guests have landed at the gallery on our home page.

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