San Luis Striper Fishing Trip Rates

​1 person – 8-1/2 hours*- Contact me for quote

2 adult anglers – 8-1/2 hours -$650 – add $55 for each additional hour

3 adult anglers – 8-1/2 hours – $750 – add $70 for each additional hour

4 adult anglers – 8-1/2 hours – $825 – add $75 for each additional hour

Split Full Day – Summertime “dark to dark” trip with a short break for lunch. A bucket list trip designed to catch a trophy fish by hitting all the major early and late windows of time for maximum success.

Custom – One-on-One trips with coaching. Contact me for information and custom pricing.

NOTE: Current California Park COVID reopening rules that I can take 2 anglers on a trip. We are allowed to take 3 anglers if all live in the same residence.

Rate adjustments for children under 16 – to be quoted on an individual basis

  • *Due to overall travel and base costs to fish San Luis, single angler trips are possible but discouraged. Anglers seeking a solo trip need to contact me for special arrangements and quotes .
  • I promote and practice “Catch and Release” on all our trips to preserve the fisheries –*See Bottom Notes
  • No alcohol allowed on the boat!

Windy Day Lake Closures

If the lake is closed due to heavy wind, or I decide it’s unsafe to go out after we booked a day to fish due to bad conditions, I have developed a mutually beneficial policy of taking a $200 deposit to cover my trip and time costs for that day. However, the $200 deposit will be credited back on the next trip you take, as an incentive to book another trip on a good day.


  • 21-foot fiberglas Starcraft Viper powered by a 300 HP Pro XS as well as a 9.9 trolling kicker.
  • New Lowrance Carbon sonar system .
  • Top quality reels, poles, and line to handle trophy fish.
  • All equipment you’ll need to fish is provided.
  • You will only need a fishing license, food and sunscreen, and a sense of adventure.


Best fishing is usually from late August through March due to less wind, lake levels and cooling temps. Avoiding wind is key to fishing San Luis so book your trip early – planning ahead is key.

Greg Myerson and Roger George with Mounted Striper

(Above: With my friend Greg Myerson and his world record catch of 81.88lbs.)


San Luis Reservoir is known as a haven for huge Striped Bass. Having spent the better part of five decades “hunting” big fish, my job is to target the stripers and use exact techniques to help you catch them. I scout out the fish year-round and the results speak for themselves.

Millerton American shad Trips (Custom Trip)

(Fly fishing and Conventional Tackle)

Since water flows are key to the American shad spawning runs, trips will have to be scheduled as the water flows at Millerton in the spring develop from the snow pack. Shad are a fish that usually spawn at Millerton in the upper river from May to July-so access to the river area depending on the water levels and early flows is critical to any good fishing. Making sure these constantly changing conditions are optimum is the key to catching these schooling silver torpedoes. Fly fishermen are welcome.


  1. “Catch and Release” – I promote conserving the fisheries with safe and gentle “catch and release” practices but we try to get some good pictures and measurements before a quick return to the water. However, I also encourage anglers to take home the occasional badly damaged fish we catch rather than wasting it. A Striper must be over 18 inches to keep.
  2. The striper limit in California is 2 fish over 18 inches per angler.
  3. **Anglers provide their own fishing licenses. Children under 16 don’t need a fishing license.

Planning Your Striper Fishing Trip

If you are looking to book a trip I would like to give you some ideas on how I try to set things up to get the best results for you and your group.

First, I like to get a clear idea of the species, lake and date you want to shoot for, with hopefully at least a 5 to 7 day advance warning of when you want to go. This information gives me a chance to look at the weather, recent fishing reports, and the condition of the place we’ll be fishing.

At some locales, like San Luis Reservoir, it’s critical to plan for the best weather possible-while avoiding any overly windy conditions-since that lake is susceptible to adverse winds at times. Safety is the top consideration in all my decisions.

Next, I like to check back in with you and your group 3 days before the trip, to make sure you’re still on board for the excursion. I also look over the latest conditions and reports. At this point, it’s not unusual for me to suggest we change the trip by a day or two-i.e. to miss a storm, etc. for the best results – especially if the latest forecasts predict adverse weather. Doing this has saved many trips!

Lastly, I will check in with you the night before our planned fishing adventure, to go over the final meeting place, time, equipment, what to bring, and how the fishing has been.

In the event of Bad weather

If we encounter bad conditions the day of our trip, I reserve the right to cancel or adjust the trip on the spot, especially if I feel that safety is an issue and nothing can be done to adjust the trip to make it workable that trip. A few fish are not worth putting everyone in jeopardy and a rain check is a much better and wiser policy!

safety first – No Alcohol policy

Since safety is always the number one priority I have a strict NO ALCOHOL POLICY on my boat. Anglers need to be on their toes on the water and alcohol jeopardizes everyone, especially if there is an emergency. Alcohol is always a no-win issue when boating or fishing, where reacting quickly and competently may save a life!